Issue #1, 2019


jukka-pekka kervinen: coelacanth (Lazarus taxon)
Mark Young: six poems
Sheila E. Murphy: Ninepins for July
Volodymyr Bilyk: a poem
Clara B. Jones: [[Self-portrait Sonnet*
joel chace: Non-Euclidean Ventures
J.D. Nelson: ten poems

jukka-pekka kervinen: coelacanth (Lazarus taxon)


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Mark Young: six poems

Seismic Performance

Use case studies to isolate a single locale to exhibit multiple motions, then segue into an ancient Chinese secret over 5000 years old, that YSL lovers wake up & go to bed wearing his clothes. That since his passing many of them now feel like orphans.

little acts of kindness are frequently introduced
Homosexuality remains a volatile forum for critical discussion which Malaysia's tightly controlled daily media briefing tries to gatecrash. People may not look kindly on the goods & services available at my marketplace. Bitcoin users, who have other interests at stake, seek no apology for my playing a human mannequin in order to keep my audience loyal, my fan base growing. Is a certain trans- lation missing here? Just because you haven´t seen my avatar yet?

image track
The brain grows tired from being out in the sun. He sits listening to an extremely cool version of a heat exchanger, wonders about the trade-in value of a montage of cash- mere twin-sets with pearls, decides that additional in- vestigation must be made in- to nanoparticle ontology. That's where he stopped, suddenly aware of the similarity between mobility issues & the susurrus of child protection safety seats.

The bones of her project came a- bout through a lot of chance. The reflection of people. The shadow of broadcast movies. My sister's novel. The constellation of Ophi- uchus. White & green frames with smoky green lenses. A consistent V-shaped beveled edge. Nonviolent ways of inter- acting with the world. Getting caught in an identification check. His series of quotes about metal phosphonates. A mezzanine floor with a non-GUI operating system.

the characteristic of the reference person in the household
The elucidation of the mechanisms underlying radical transformations in the meaning of the word ubiquitous during what is now known as the Yuan Period provides the first clear evidence that biosynthesized aromatic alcohols were the primary drivers rather than the voiceless fricatives that the Europeans found so attractive.

A line from Florence Nightingale
Can I change the existing phrases or add in my own? (Put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig.) Running a business offering domain names can be challenging. One's feelings waste themselves. Value add. Keep American soldiers away.

Sheila E. Murphy Ninepins for July

1/ That year, he said something somebody wrote down; it has been quoted ever since. It was a simple thing deflecting an assumption that he was a certain kind of being. He informed the inquisitor that this did not feel true.

2/ An avid lover of olive trees can look with interest at a white grape-hued hard tiny fruit upon a brick pathway. This might have been a candidate for something to be pickled in a jar and shoved into a truck somewhere before being sold virtually next door.

3/ The emphasis of a given homily was on some six hundred rules that turned into a festival of hall monitors who would call attention to mistakes performed by others, thereby lessening the time for finding love.

4/ She spent acres of time sorting the contents of six boxes of possessions that belonged to offspring, that each ingredient might be placed on a particular shelf and left again.

5/ The argument resulted in a standoff that occupied the mind of one of the combatants who hoped for health and ease to come back to the spirit and the flesh.

6/ He wrote a postcard including more than anyone would want to know yet furnishing enough to make sure things had left his chest.

7/ To celebrate alternative dependence, people found their way to lighters that would yield successive pops that lit the sky, that there might form a relaxation around the caged mentality that now prevailed.

8/ The therapist arrived with tools of her trade that she might rescue someone from intended peace and spawn confusion in an otherwise pale home.

9/ Present tense replete with derivations spawned a missing of the point as new pasts gathered in pursuit of future design attributed to informal survival.

Volodymyr Bilyk a poem

Chair Person works crowing airplane
or collection baby creaking played grinding
gum or flying crying truck - excelsior!

Mystery intensifiers played out of turnip - effervescence

Towel blowing nothing - nails the muse tune
gums bleed tacitly
Low nose exhaust the detrimental dripping -
silence sniffing Tse Tse Fly - does Braaam! and goes beyond

Door screaming of clipping drill mower
Dental beeping: wry zigzag - pipes crying
nothing expedient

Baffling gewgaw surd - sappy
Koala opaque sough hoot - peals quake thwack
Dolphin nostrils nebulous Duck

Phantom squealing sinus tussle Choke
insurgent wombat Doom
Loud neat Sparkle, wink-wink snoring - cheeks burst
hippopotamuss roar

Tart Tart Tart

Mosquito Rooster floors frequency “Dog Loud”
nails Garbage Sounds
buzzing smacking elevator chirping other honking slew
slamming the silence of alarm

nails chewing tune - scraping floor broadway - barking elevator
roundabout arabesque sigh

Rooster horn stab - loud buzzing
- leaf blowing "Orff" or a Door off truck -
Lawn played Cat nose snoring

silence soaring - "Aaaaaaaah!"
ebbing toot - bazoo yap
gingerly chop chewing gum
hideous gulp gasp - hinges tremendous knock

creaking flower

Clara B. Jones a poem

[[Self-portrait Sonnet* 

1. We could populate Mars, but Earth is a scalable platform.

2. Intersectionality is outdated since AI is the next big thing.

3a. I make ugly art beautiful.
3b. Are you a Gynobot?
3c. No, I am a technophobe.

4a. Istanbul Fashion Week was held in Newark.
4b. My book was released in June but didn't sell.

5. It's impossible to learn to cook by reading poetry.

6. I am free to make art, but no-one will care.

7. I exist on the margins, seeking a way out.

8. I have a quick mind but am slow on my feet.

9. I understand what he is saying, but what does he want?

10a. Do you think the play will be a hit?
10b. It should appeal to anyone with a dark sense of humor.

11. [Afrobots are defined by a field in Georgia where long rows of cotton lead nowhere.]

12. Help is two hours away.

13. Buy one Tesla®, get one free.
14. Black lives matter in Ireland, and Dubliners like collard greens.]]

*Inspired by Lifestyles Magazine, Spring 2018

joel chace: Non-Euclidean Ventures


                                  One evening, as we were passing the Kazan church

                                               in a bitter wind and driving snow,

                            the coachman got down from the box

                      and threw himself on his knees

in the snow to pray, he did not give us a thought.

                                                When we were frozen to the very marrow,

and he had turned into a snowman,

he quietly got up and drove on again without a word.



                       Among our acquaintances was a beautiful old lady

of hysterical tendencies, who, years later,

when Mahler was in Russia by himself,

                                              summoned him and told him that she felt her death

                                  to be near, and would he enlighten her

about the other world since he had

             said so much about it in his Second Symphony.

                              Luminists’ shadows


                                                  Whether Plato died in a dream,

                                      as some deliver,

he must rise again to inform us.

                                  Elijah explains it all

J.D. Nelson: ten poems

that’s the way we spell eagles

we know of a place that is perfect
and that means no bugs

that old world where the air smells like popcorn

problems with the text already

this is the backup text

I got myself fitted with expansion clips

the crow is seated
he will be served a mushroom

outlined in gold and colored in with a chicken pencil

this is the creep xing
find a creep on the street and scream

up there is a sun
why not use it to power our machines

into the desert now
a little water is a lot of water

exxon has these in the refrigerator case
next to the microwave fries

earth is up early

walking thru the walls and drinking ceiling water

mr. jump or junk
not a filament
needer von sneaker
leech laser

there was a beautiful display overhead
and trumpets announced the beginning of the new time
and then the people were all like whoa

plack so’s a whittle not me
but a smart bug should see it

hen chuck the oil was a bart of the nervous earth in chains there

water was a villain today
rest your towels

needles is a new name
relax here

this is the thing to do

help eyes bright
now a wintersblue

would you rather have a dream serial


soprano litmus hands all over the chalkboard, proving a poetic theorem
it’s three in a row for the doctor

            to name a world -- earth!

why don’t we have hands in the salad more often

we can see the world in a hornet’s egg

the bleep wharf when you can’t have a duck

a scone for the outlaw, maybe blueberry, his horse’s name

sidearm sundae like a worm in the poem who knows the dark passageways

the programmed earth is especially wise

will you please stand by for further instructions from the wet duck in the creek

dollars to eat

it’s a dark lipton now
a cloud of tea

it would heal the land
you could have the eye

the bend of the knee
the sweep of the cat

that machine looking
lasers in the mountains

to verify the clouds in this sector

to speak of the planet in terms of the trees

in the time of the bats

            the birthday party hubcaps

wildflower holy now for the watching of butterflies eating

were you born to check up on the chickens

not knowing the windows and eyes
the little bugs now and here

would you like to see the brain
it has been soaking all day

now that we are neighbors
would you like to lol

maze rex tea the bee reach

when I said the magic hat word
clap was a goldsmith yes a teacher

taking a selfie with the pine cone mustard
we feed the free wool to the clouds

flat was a problem for the clown
a new red shift in the meteorship

atmospheric jute in a canadian box
the dew on my uniform

J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words in his subterranean laboratory. Visit for more information and links to his published poems. 
Nelson lives in Colorado. 

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